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The right choice for you

What we do.


Choose the right investment opportunities for you, so that your capital will grow based on your objectives.


Ensure stable future cash flows to finance your projects and ideas.

Capital Preservation

Protect your wealth from adverse market forces and turn volatility into opportunity for you.


About GROW.

Always looking for the next big idea.

We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm offering separately managed accounts for clients looking for investment opportunities. We'll help you reach your goals by creating tailored investments based on your needs. Additionally, we offer Hedge Fund solutions for qualified investors*.

Our excellence relies on our process. With more than 100+ years of combined experience, we have proudly helped thousands of clients achieve their objectives.


Individual Stock Selection

Each stock we select for you is scrutinized and catered specifically to your needs.

Why us.

Extensive Research

We put research at the forefront of our process and gather all relevant information to form a solid investment thesis.

Active Management

With GROW Funds you come first. We will never manage your investments passively. Positions are monitored continuously and portfolios are re-balanced as your goals change.

Discover us

Get to know GROW Funds a little bit better.

GROW Funds
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“90% of the people in the stock market, professionals and amateurs alike, simply haven't done enough homework.”

William O'Neil

*Hedge Fund investors need to satisfy certain capital and risk requirements.

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